About Us

Pioneer Social and Education Society

Pioneer is member of AECCE. We have experience over 10 years in this field. We are register under Govt. Registration No. MAHA/256/2014. We have our multiple branches in Panvel, Nerul and Kamothe.

The successful completion of courses provides you opportunities for getting employment in teaching field (Kindergarten / Nursery / Montessori / Anganwadi) as well as in creches. The course includes recognition of Child physical and mental needs along with psychological needs in terms of affection, compassion and character, development of children.

Our institution is putting a first step in this area by starting a course titled "Pioneer art & craft teachers training courses." for female to brighteen their future.

Join the pioneer and get bright future ahed. As we provide placments to our students they have secure future with us. We give you chance to open your own play school. If your working person or student we will allow you weekly Batches on saturday and sunday.

We have diffrent types of courses available with us and we provide them as regular courses, online courses and corresponding courses.

Early child care education is important for the overall development of child. In the first six year of lifespan of child the rate of development is more rapid than at any other stage. To develop child's full potential a child in this age need a stimulating environment.

We conduct various educational, social and cultural programme since 2005.

Our institution is planning for online exam with instant results facility for students. So it will be convenient for all students to give test from anywhere.

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